Simfest have been extremely lucky to of being supported by over the past few years by providing their innovative flight planning tool, PFPX, to our team.  We use this software to plan all our flights from the routing and weights to fuel and NOTAMs which are all then presented in a highly accurate PLOG.

If you already own PFPX you can use our login to find out our schedule, routings, weights, etc.

Using Our Flightplans

Step 1 - Login

At the top left of PFPX select Login, select the Airline Code "SIM" and enter the Password "5EnUkuyG"

Step 2 - Select the flight you wish to plan

Double left click on the flight you wish to plan.

Step 3 - Plan your flight

If we have already planned that sector the route, alternatives, payload, etc will already be filled in for our aircraft.  Feel free to change any of the boxes to match your aircraft, preferred routing, weights, etc.  If you're ahead of us, or we're being lazy you'll have to do the hard graft yourself!

Please note that the aircraft under Registration are based on the defaults in PFPX.

Once you've finished your selections, click on Compute.

Step 4 - Paperwork

Your flight is now planned and you can select the PLOG, Weather, NOTAMs, print, export and save the routes as per normal.

Please note you will be unable to 'Release' the plan as only Simfest crew members are able to overwrite the schedule.

At any point you can select either the Flight or Results at the top of PFPX to return to the previous pages.  Returning to Schedule you may encounter another insufficient privileges error, you may ignore that and replan as you see fit.

Any problems contact the team via Facebook, Twitter or Twitch Chat.