Gary's House Rules

First of all, please make yourself feel at home, help yourself to anything, and feel free to chip in, world flight is never just about the flying its all about having fun with mates. I for one cannot wait!

One thing, please just take your shoes off before standing on the carpet smile emoticon

200 units of your local currency is the standard donation we ask for to take part in world flight. Please make sure this is on the just giving site before the events

Usual rules here, Blow will be moved out but Steven Cos gets international visitor rights on the 2nd bedroom. Bedroom 3 up for grabs along with usual airbed space and sofas. Others have booked into the Travel Lodge near M3 J4A. (

Usually work things out during the week, suggest we start a food kity which will be in a pot upstairs in the garage. Please put towards, but usually things work themselves out during the week. Looking for volunteers to organise food/drink the weekend before.

Bring a crate if you are drinking, again it works itself out.

747 Learning
If any of you want to a bit more time on the 744 before the event let me know. Peter Ward has also offered his touch screen sim for some training during world flight if people want to have a play. Remember its all for fun anyway, so literally zero pressure all round! Don't forget his videos at which provide some useful tips. End of the day take the A/T out and don't touch the throttles and be gentle on the roll, job done!?

Remember to have Fun!

Things to Do Before the Event
I have a small list of sim enhancements I want to get completed before the event.

We need to tidy up the garage but of course Michael Benson loves that so much I will leave that to him!

Things to Remember

At the moment all mics are live when transmitting to ATC, but this should be fixed before the event, but just be aware it is annoying having a conversation on the jumpseats via the intercomm when the crew are trying to fly. 10,000ft sterile ish cockpit usually is fair. Also try and portray a professional attitude

Cockpit door should remain shut when the seatbelt signs are on, knock before entering, adds a bit of realism to the stream if people arn't running in and out during approach or takeoff! I am hoping to have a seatbelt sign reinstalled before the event.

I know everyone always is but remember not to get excited and start being rough with the sim, NO GRABBING THE GRAB HANDLES!


The parking brake mechinism might still not be working, so the service interphone is still in force for this action!

Remember we are live to the world, so as usual try and avoid swearing and avoid contentious topics.

Remember your phones can be seen if you are sat on the observer seats!

Remember to interact as much as possible with each other and the stream when in cruise. This really helps with donations, obviously during critical flight phases rely on the 2nd Officer to interact.

After World Flight Meal
We are going out for a meal after world flight on the saturday, so make arrangements to hang around on the saturday.

Most of all HAVE FUN!