Let there be light!

With just over a week to go to the start of our Out of Africa event we thought we would show you an exciting development.

Yes Gary has got new counters in his kitchen...


Ok, Ok, no-one apart from Gary cares and most would argue that his old ones were better anyway, but in good news we've added some more lighting options to the 747.  We now have MIP and Autopilot flood lighting to improve the ambiance on those long night flights. 


Other upgrades are the installation of 'J rails' for the front two seats and we're starting to play with getting the autothrottle motor working.

Software wise we've updated to the latest version of P3D and our in house coding team is working hard on a bespoke bit of software for controlling lots of functions of PSX.

It's not long now till we're streaming again, whose going to be joining us on some of the legs?