What happens post event?

Once an event finishes there is a strange feeling of elation and dejection throughout the crew. We're generally ecstatic about how well the event went, the money we raised and the stories/memories we've created.  On the other hand we're generally knackered, disappointed that it's all over, have to say bye to good friends for a while with the prospect of having to go back to work!

Event Review

Before we all leave we try to have a sit down as a group with a cuppa and some biscuits and have a free for all discussion on what went well and what not so well.  All topics are on the table whether it be the routing, rostering, streaming, catering, etc.  Once we've put the world to rights we'll try and come up with an idea as to when and where the next event will take place.

Simulator Maintenance/Upgrades

Any event always takes it's toll on the simulators so one of the first things our software/hardware chaps do is start the process of maintenance on the simulators.  This might be as minor as replacing a bulb that has blown to a complete rebuild of a flight control.  Once this is complete they'll look towards upgrades/modifications of the simulators to make them even better.  Some of the changes may be readily obvious as a new panel appears or the overhead contains more real world parts, others not so much.  An awful lot of time goes into the bits you can't see such as the wiring, the software that runs everything, a new PC or sound system, etc.

Event Planning

While some of the team work on the simulators other members start planning the next event.  From our event review we have a good idea the area we'd like to fly next however we then need to turn that into an event.  Decisions such as if there is a theme, how long will it last, how many hours a day, which simulator, etc all need to be undertaken.  Once the skeleton of the event is settled we'll start adding the flesh such as the routing, what date(s), whose available, etc.

As we get closer to our next event, we've already got the skeleton, we'll go into more detail as to how we execute our event.