Summer Event - Leg 5 - SKBO/SVMI

Depart - Bogota (SKBO) / Arrive - Caracas (SVMI)

Capt Matt - First Officer Craig

OUT - 1005Z / OFF -1015Z
IN - 1143Z / ON - 1139Z
Block - 1:38 / Flight - 1:24

Fuel Loaded - 5.3 / Remaining - 2.4 / Used - 2.9

After a trip up the M25 the crew arrived in convoy at the location of our 737 simulator greeted by Ralph.  Dave quickly found the reason why we keep having him back and made the assembled masses tea and coffee.  This was grateful received by various members of the crew who had continued well into the night consuming 'some' alcohol.

It had come to the time for Matt that everyone on the crew worries about, having to fly with Craig; but he settled into the somewhat more cramped conditions in the 737 cockpit and prepared the flight north towards Caracas.

Allowing for the very different flying characteristics of the 737 Matt got the aircraft into the sky pointing in generally the right direction.   As Ralphena the flight attendant for this sector brought the drinks it appeared that the excess of the night before may still be affecting Craig.  He must be the first person to ever demonstrate drunken like characteristics while consuming blackcurrant squash.

Just prior to descent the crew made a donation bet amongst themselves at to the time for touchdown, this led to some strategic self vectoring by Matt to try and achieve his time.

During the approach we can only assume that Matt had spotted a nice bar on the coast due to the fact as we touched down we immediately made a beeline towards said bar.  Craig finally stepped up to the plate at this point and offered such advice as "we're on the grass" and "the runway is over there".

Matt conceded that maybe parking the aircraft on the airfield and even more realistically on some concrete he reluctantly taxied towards the terminal.  It appeared that the 4 tonnes of soil, grass and various fauna in the gear made it slightly difficult to taxi and arrived on stand with nearly full power.  Once the ground staff had grabbed onto the various equipment flying towards the engines the crew shut down.

Sam takes his first 737 flight as a new member of the team, it can only get better.... we hope!

Oh and Matt got the time wrong and had to pay up!