Summer Event - Leg4 - SPIM/SKBO

Depart - Lima (SPIM) / Arrive - Bogota (SKBO)

Capt Peter - First Officer Dan

OUT - xxxxZ / OFF -xxxxZ
IN - xxxxZ / ON - xxxxZ
Block - x:xx / Flight - x:xx

Fuel Loaded - xx / Remaining - xx / Used - xx

Landing Rate - XX

After the somewhat dubious attempts earlier in the day we decided it was time to get the big guns out and it was time for Peter to fly.  Dan hadn't flown the 747 simulator before so Peter took his time explaining the procedures and flows mesmorising us so much that we hardly realised we'd become airborne.

We couldn't have 'plane' sailing for this sector so it wasn't too long until the master caution was going off with a failure of the L GPS.  The crew worked their way through the QRH realising that this wasn't too much of an issue and started looking forward to their BBQ.

After dining on a superbly cooked BBQ by Dave the crew settled into what they thought would be a relaxing cruise into the evening.  Unfortunately the rest of the team thought that Peter hadn't earned a rest yet and the number 4 hydraulic system failed as if by magic.

Once again it was into the QRH as Peter, Dan, Simon and Gary went through the actions and gotchas that this event would cause.  No autobrakes, careful use of the spoilers, flap extension speeds, etc.  About 20 minutes later they had fully briefed themselves and come out with a plan of action for the landing into Bogota.

Unfortunately the crew executed everything superbly dealing with the issues they'd outlined and landed with no incident.  While this flight may of lacked the humour and calamity of earlier flights I think we all learned a lot from Peter and realised how much we only skim the surface in normal flight simulator operations.

Tomorrow we'll be in the 737 simulator and look forward to you joining us there, for now let's have some fun in the sim!