Summer Event - Leg1 - SAEZ/SCEL

Depart - Buenos Aries (SAEZ) / Arrive - Santiago (SCEL)

Capt Dave - First Officer Simon

OUT - 0914Z / OFF - 0920Z
IN - 1106Z / ON - 1100Z
Block - 01:52 / Flight - 01:40

Fuel Loaded - 27.2 / Remaining - 11.2 / Used - 16.0

Landing Rate - 321

After a complete sim rebuild, the captain not having flown for 5 months and a virgin FO (ability not airline!) the departure went remarkably smoothly, until...

As Dave hit TOGA not a lot seemed to happen, his training took over as he coolly rammed the throttles forward as Simon looked on thinking "is this normal".  As the sweat dripped into Dave's eyes and his brow furrowed he gentle raised the nose airborne and the aircraft clawed into the air.  After passing the school and orphanage the clean up occurred without incident and the crew were soon into the cruise.

During the cruise we were able to marvel at where the mountains should of been, however since it was night time we could see nothing (in true Simfest style).  This unfortunately meant that the only highlight of the stream was the repeated views of Gary's underpants.

Simon took control of the aircraft for the first time as the crew started their descent into Santiago masterfully avoiding all the mountains that we still couldn't see.  As the aircraft popped out of the cloud the novice had managed to get the aircraft on profile, on speed and in the right place - simple job for Dave now...

Unfortunately Dave was missing life on the sea and decided to introduce a wave effect by rocking the aircraft left and right and pitching the nose up and down.  While this may work on a ship, it has a slight detrimental effect in  an aircraft.   As the nuns cowered under their habits as the tyres rang the bell in the church tower Dave managed to find terra ferma, amazingly this also coincided with the runway.  

After the Chilean CAA had NOTAMed that the threshold elevation is now slightly lower the crew managed to wrestle the aircraft to the gate.

Onto La Paz next with two people who really don't know what they're doing, what could go wrong??