Why so quiet?


We've been very quiet since our last event 2 months ago, what do you think we've being up to?

After spending a year building the 747 simulator we decided that we needed to make some fundamental changes throughout, from rewiring the whole sim again to moving the server, installing a new sound systems to moving a sofa, we've done it all!

A lot of the changes are mainly behind the scenes but some of the new things for this weekends event:

  • All interior lighting is now controlled by the appropriate bus.  On the stream watch how when we power up different lights come online and at different intensities depending on the power available.
  • Cabin Call Panel now works.
  • The Audio Control Panel now works on the First Officers side.
  • The Brightness/Dimmer switch on the overhead now works.
  • BACARS 2.0.5 which is a truly authentic recreation of the real world BA ACARS system.
  • We can now dim all the displays, PFD, ND, EICAS, Etc.

As you can see from the images below, it's being a fairly ruthless affair!