It was the night before...

... WorldFlight and every single creature was stirring getting everything ready for tomorrow.

One member Peter (Britjet) has been extremely busy finishing off the Route Guidance Manual which we're now delighted to release to you all.  The manual gives you information and tips for each of the 45 legs in a humorous yet in-depth manor.  The guide is 62 pages long, over 66,000 words and has taken Peter well in excess of 500 hours to create so you can have the benefit of the experience and knowledge of a real world Training Captain we rely on so heavily as a crew.

As an added bonus for Aerowinx PSX users, the highly accurate Boeing 747 software we use in the simulator, he has also enclosed SITU files for each leg.   All you need to do is load up the SITU of the leg you want to join in on and you'll be all set ready to go.. although you may need to move stands if everyone has loaded up on it!

These sort of guides cost the real airlines millions of pounds and we would like to think that everyone who uses the guide will donate what they can to our cause this year, The Cure Parkinson's Trust.

Also don't forget anyone donating £25 or more throughout the WorldFlight event will get entered into the draw to win a copy of Aerowinx PSX !

You can donate either through JustGiving or via Paypal

The RGM and SITU files are available here

Thank you for your support, we'll see you live in just over 24 hours!