It's getting close!

Simfesters, welcome!

So what's been happening recently at Simfest HQ?

  • We have a new GoPro for the back of the simulator which means we're no longer reliant on borrowing one.  Some of you who may of seen our stream yesterday may of seen it turning itself off repeatedly.. we think we've fixed that.
  • Mark has been very busy soldering another circuit board for the left hand Audio Control Panel, which will mean the captain will be able to control his own radios and volumes directly through the ACP, rather than the spare pilot having to do it.
  • Mark has also created a truly authentic audio mix solution meaning that each crew member has autonomy of which radios they're listening to, the volume they're at and who they're speaking to.  No longer do you need to suffer flying along with someone who likes the volume at full blast or struggling to hear as the other bloke wants it at minimum.  It also means for the first time that one pilot can be liaising with dispatch on the SATCOM while the other monitors the radios, rather than it all been cacophony of sound.
  • We now have an authentic parking brake with authentic slam as it disconnects itself, it's very satisfying to hear.  There is only one problem at the moment is that the solenoid that works it gets very, we mean very, hot and therefore we have to limit its use otherwise there is a good chance it'll set fire to the whole of the centre pedestal!  Bonus points for those watching on Twitch who can identify our non technical solution!
  •  The autothrottle motor is now in the simulation and just requires calibrating and setting up - it should be working for WorldFlight.  There is something very satisfying seeing the throttles move forward as you hit TOGA on departure, or in Ron's case during the approach several times.
  • Our in house software development team have been busy updating our bespoke software:
    • e can now individually open, close, arm and un-arm any of the doors
    • We can connect external power and air without having to use PSX
    • We have quick buttons to configure the aircraft how we like
    • We can now uplink en-route and descent winds from the PFPX wind profile
    • En-route wind injection has been tweaked

As you can see we've been really busy and had very little chance to fly the simulator, however we're hoping to do a little either Friday evening or through the day on Saturday so make sure you're following us on Twitch to see when we go live.

Also don't forget the competition for winning a copy of scenery for an airport of your choice is still going along with the chance to get your hands on a copy of Aerowinx PSX

Thanks for your support!