Under a week to go!

We've probably been a little quieter than usual in the run up to world flight, but this is because everyone in the team has been busy getting things ready.  Such as:-

-Replacing the audio intercom system to make each ACP independent and function like the real aircraft.  This has the bonus of only transmitting the mic of the person hitting transmit.  This should avoid the comedy moment when someone says something very inappropriate over the radio !

-Fitting two clocks, essential for world flight! (and it stops Peter Moaning!)

-Getting the real parking brake mechanism working

-Tidying up the rudder pedals (full real rudders to be fitted in the new year)

-Autothrottle Motor! - Finally fitted, just need Mark our resident genius to finish off the electronics when the parts arrive Thursday

-Visuals overhaul, with perfect blending and updated to P3D V3

-Installing scenery (still finishing this off!)

-Rearranging the instructor station monitors so we don't have to crouch down to read the text!

-Clearing out the galley in preparation for the food and drink for world flight

-Ordering 152 world beers for the passengers to sample at various destinations around the world!

-Updating the ACARS,, Doors, SATCOM and other support software

-Decorating the waiting area

-Fitting the sun visors

and lots more I have forgotten!  Only 6 days to go!