Route Guidance + Situation Files

Britjet, our Training Captain, has been very busy over the last couple of months flying each leg of WF on his simulator at home to produce the Simfest Route Guidance Manual and is now ready to release the first 25 legs.

This manual is very similar to that used by real world crews containing information about the airport, terrain, procedures, etc.  He's also included points of interest for you to look out for along each leg which will hopefully keep you entertained when you tire of our ugly mugs on the Twitch stream!

For those who will be using Aerowinx PSX 747 Simulator he has also included the SITU files for you to use that will get you to the right place, set up correctly to start the engines and go.

Britjet has spent hundreds of hours flying and re-flying each leg to make the guide as comprehensive as possible and therefore we ask you to consider donating to our charity of the year in way of recognition of your enjoyment reading and using his guide.  Be sure to mention it's for his RGM in the message box as I am sure this will drive him to complete the last 20 legs ASAP.

Thanks once again for your support!

Simfest RGM V1 - First 25 Legs is available here