We're underway, just about!

It's been a very stressful, intriguing and challenging start to the 48 hour event!  Above the simulator is our crew area where we have several PCs for flight planning, twitch, general surfing, etc.  For some reason this morning when turning on anything upstairs it blew the electrical fuse for the whole of the sim.  After some creative, outside the box thinking, we came up with the ili

Sourcing electricity from the house!

Once we'd solved the electricity problems we booted up the simulator where upon the PC which runs the visuals via P3D decided it no longer believed it had Windows installed.  After lots of head scratching, googling and 'hail mary's' we finally managed to get it running.

Then all we had to sort was the small matter of the aircraft believing it wanted to jettison fuel by itself and the audio panels not wanting to tune and we were away.

Departing around about an hour late we decided the easiest solution was to route directly from Birmingham to Vienna.  Thankfully our luck came around and we had a fairly uneventful flight with Peter teaching us lots of non-normal tricks you can do. 

Just prior to descent we spotted a TCAS return which happened to be the Mangrove Worldflight Team so we decided to go say hello.

The new crew are just setting up for the next leg to Dalaman, tune in - the way things have gone this morning anything could happen!!

Mangrove 737 Simulator in cruise below us

Mangrove 737 Simulator in cruise below us